Touch 'N Go
Played Out
Sensoral Hack
Petting for Pleasure
Taxidermy Time

Butterscotch's Breath
Left to Her Own Devices
Glossy Transference


bgrell at gmail dot com

I make art with a feminist’s ideology, a hacker’s mentality, and a child’s curiosity. This three-pronged approach is a third wave feminist intervention into contemporary children’s commodity culture and technology through digital media. I am intrigued by uncanny and visceral reactions to robotic toys that mimic or disrupt defined animal and human interaction and behavior. I investigate these commodities through the processes of taxidermy and hacking to uncover the intertwined relationships. Material and immaterial qualities of gendered electronic toys allow me to deconstruct, reconstruct, and re-engender these objects both physically and conceptually. I capture through digital media subtle glitches in perceptions of time, grinding electrical motors, and ingrained cultural norms of human and animal relationships.